Kitchen Project: Sherwin Williams ProClassic Paint

I’ve now completed two cabinet painting projects. The first one was our bathroom vanity. You can read about that here. The second one was our kitchen cabinets. This was a MUCH larger project than the bathroom vanity, but it was SO worth every bit of the 50+ hours it took to complete the project. Thankfully I had some help from a good friend and the hubs!

I used different paint for the kitchen cabinets than I did for the bathroom (per a recommendation from a friend’s mom who knows a professional painter), and boy, I’m glad I did!

I used Benjamin Moore Fresh Start primer and Sherwin Williams ProClassic paint. The picture below shows the primer in white, but I actually used the deep base version and had it tinted. My paint color was Stratus by Valspar. Sherwin Williams color matched it perfectly.proclassic paint

Ok, so the Sherwin Williams paint, it’s expensive (I paid $50 for one gallon, and that was with 30% off), but it was worth every penny! This paint is amazing. It goes on thick, pretty much self-levels so you don’t have to mess with it much, and dries without that tacky/sticky feel that some cheaper paints have. It also dries quickly. I highly recommend it for painting cabinets. 

You probably want to see the finished product, huh? That’ll be in another post, so hold your horses :). Here’s a sneak peak, though…

Before (Notice how worn the cabinet is! This was by far the worst one.):

cabinets before


cabinets being painted

These are cabinet doors with one coat of paint on them. I ended up using one coat of primer and paint for the back of the doors and two coats of primer and paint for the front of the doors and the face of the cabinets.


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