Bar Keepers Friend

Shortly after we updated our kitchen, I was preparing to take pictures of it for this post. As I was cleaning, I moved a rinsed-out mixed vegetable can I had put on the counter behind the sink the evening before and noticed RUST SPOTS on our BRAND NEW quartz countertops! I could not believe it! What bugged me the most was that when I put the can on the counter I even thought to myself, “This might leave rust marks. Maybe I should move it.” However, I decided against it because I knew I would be cleaning the kitchen the next morning. I thought “It won’t leave rust marks that quickly.” Well…I was wrong!

I tried cleaning the rust with vinegar – didn’t work. Windex (which is what the countertop installers recommended I use to regularly clean the counters) – didn’t work. Scratching the spot with my fingernail – didn’t work. I think I finally searched online for products that removed rust. Anyway, somehow I remembered this powder cleaner called Bar Keepers Friend that my grandma told me about years ago.

Bar Keepers Friend

She swore it was the best cleaner to use on bathtubs, so I bought some years ago. It’s similar to Comet, but it doesn’t contain bleach, and it’s nonabrasive. I sprinkled a little of the powder on the rust spots. Using a wet rag, I very lightly, in a circular motion, rubbed the powder on the rust spots. IT WORKED!!! I was so happy! Lol.

I just now looked up the product on Amazon. It clearly indicates it removes rust :), so I also I tried it on the rust on my stainless steel sink. It worked! Just be careful, it took off some of the finish.

Rust in Sink

Cleaning Sink

Clean Sink

It also removes hard water stains, so I tried it on my bathtub faucet. It looks brand new! This took a little more elbow grease, though.Hard Water Sains

Clean Faucet

Have you found any other uses for Bar Keepers Friend?

2 thoughts on “Bar Keepers Friend

  1. Hi, I’m hoping this works, we have a new kitchen with pure white quartz counter tops, yes I know, why white in a kitchen!!!
    Will let you know if it works, my husband will be so happy if it does,

    • I hope it works, too! Our counters are also mostly white (as you can tell from the pics). I was hesitant to put white counters in a kitchen as well, but it’s actually been just fine, thankfully! I love them!

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