Update: Brass Be Gone!

Two years ago at about the same time I started this blog (Wow – I can’t believe it’s been that long ago!), I spray painted the knobs and hinges on the interior doors of our home. In that post, I told you I would keep you updated, so here’s the update!

Most of the knobs are completely perfect. Two of them are pretty worn. You can see those pictures below. The top picture is the knob that’s on our pantry door. I’ve actually already sprayed that one a second time since originally spray painting it two years ago. This is the door we probably use the most. This is also one of the knobs I didn’t spray very well originally. The paint went on way too thick and globbed up a bit.



A few more knobs have a nick or two on them. You can see that picture below.


Below is one of the ‘perfect’ knobs.


I still have extra cans of spray paint to use for touch ups. The touch ups take no time at all.

In retrospect, would I do this again? Yes! Only two worn knobs and a few nicks (which can be fixed) – that’s a small price to pay for removing brass from your home for only the cost of a few cans of spray paint.

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