Brass Be Gone!

Our whole house is was filled with brass door knobs. I was tired of it. They were ugly and worn. I wanted a new look, but didn’t want to spend the money for all new hardware. I opted to spray paint these ugly knobs (and hinges), but wasn’t sure what color to use. Just by chance I saw on Pinterest where a woman used Oil Rubbed Bronze Rust-Oleum spray paint for her knobs.

I found the spray paint at Lowes. However, when I went back to buy more to finish the project, they only had Metallic Oil Rubbed Bronze. Come to find out, it’s the same color – the name must have been updated or something.

Once I figured out how to take off and put back on the door knobs, that process became simple and relatively quick. Waiting for the paint to dry was the most time consuming part of this project.

A piece of advice:  when taking off the hinges, be sure you keep track of a few things:

  • which door the hinges belong to,
  • which hinges were on the door and which were on the door frame, and
  • the order of the hinges (i.e., which hinge was on the top, middle, and bottom)

I didn’t do this with some of the hinges, and it was a nightmare when my husband and I tried to hang the doors. Hinges weren’t lining up, doors weren’t closing properly, spray paint was getting scratched, ugh! A couple doors still aren’t quite how they were before, but we can live with it :).

To take care of all those scratches we made, I sprayed a little spray paint into a container and used a spouncer (rounded sponge brush) to touch everything up. I also used this method to paint the heads of all the screws.

Here’s the before and after.













Hopefully the paint holds up! I’ll keep you posted. Here’s the UPDATE.

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