DIY Bulletin Board

I finally had some time to be creative today. I started a couple projects and actually finished one of them. Yay!

(UPDATE: I finished the second project as well! Check it out here.)

I recently revamped my office (see that whole process here, here, and here). I finished the accent wall, but had nothing on any of the other walls. Given this is an office, I thought a bulletin board would be practical. The ones you find at the store are usually plain and ugly, so I made my own!

Here are the supplies/before picture:

This was an EXTREMELY cheap project. I found the corkboard (four 12”x 12” squares, along with adhesive stickers) at Goodwill for a dollar and the frame at a rummage sale for about the same price. The paint was leftover from the office redo, and the ribbon was leftover from my vases project.

I painted the corkboard, let it dry, cut it to size, then adhered it to the cardboard in the frame. In order to cover the seam where the two pieces of corkboard met, I used ribbon and just taped it to the back of the cardboard. Simple!

Total cost = less than $3!! It probably took me less than two hours to complete, too. How great is that?

I took a picture of the bulletin board against the white-ish wall, because that is where it will (eventually) be hanging. However, I also took pictures of it against the accent wall so you could see how it tied in to the rest of the room.

Here are the after pics:

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