DIY Bulletin Board

I finally had some time to be creative today. I started a couple projects and actually finished one of them. Yay!

(UPDATE: I finished the second project as well! Check it out here.)

I recently revamped my office (see that whole process here, here, and here). I finished the accent wall, but had nothing on any of the other walls. Given this is an office, I thought a bulletin board would be practical. The ones you find at the store are usually plain and ugly, so I made my own!

Here are the supplies/before picture:

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Office Redo Part III-Accent Wall

Well, I’ve (almost) finished the accent wall of my office. I’ve been working on this redo project for months now. See Part I and II here and here. It’s taken me longer than I expected – finding time to complete all the finishing touches has been difficult.

All the décor on this accent wall, with the exception of the yellow leaves (which were originally white), was found at a thrift store/rummage sale, was given to me or was something I already had around the house. In other words, this project was cheap! Continue reading »

DIY Chalkboard

Picture frames are coming out of my ears, so I decided to get creative for my friend’s bridal shower. For her shower, I’m in charge of prizes! I’m so excited! 🙂 Using Pinterest as my inspiration, this is what I created:

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Old Window Turned New Frame

While on the hunt at rummage sales for old frames, I stumbled across this dusty old window. I knew this $6 find had potential.

I cleaned it up and decided to use it as a picture frame (I just know I’ve seen this done before, but can’t remember where). I ordered my prints, totaling about $16, using Wal-Mart’s online photo printing site. I found scrapbook paper at Michaels to use as a mat for the pictures—about $2 total. Unfortunately, the scrapbook paper was 12”x12” and the frames of the window were 9”x13”, so I had to do a little piecing together of the scrapbook paper. It worked out fine, though.

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