DIY Fluffy Fabric Flowers

This post from Girl Loves Glam was a great step-by-step guide for making fabric flowers. You only need a few supplies, most of which you likely have on hand – fabric, a hot glue gun, some type of circle to trace, a pen or marker, scissors, and a straight pin (optional).

I made two sizes of flowers and used three different fabrics. For the bigger flower, I used a yellow fabric and burlap. For the smaller flowers, I used the same yellow fabric and a white fabric. These flowers were used to add a little interest to the chicken wire frame I made (post coming soon – UPDATE: Here it is.).


These are two of the fabrics I used (burlap not pictured).


Notice I cut the fabric into squares, connected several pieces together with a straight pin, then cut them all at once. This saved quite a bit of time.


I repeated the process with the other fabrics (not pictured). For each flower, I used 7 pieces of the yellow fabric and 6 pieces of the other fabrics (instead of 12 like the Girl Loves Glam post suggests).


Here you can see the circle template I used (bottom left).


Finished product!


Another view of the finished product. Notice the bigger burlap flower.


Close up of the smaller flower.

Total cost for all three flowers was less than $1.00 I would say. The white and yellow fabric was $1.00 per yard, the burlap was $2.97ish per yard, and I barely used any of those fabrics. I used probably one glue stick or less – not sure how much that would cost.

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