Making Laundry More Bearable

Before I was married, doing laundry wasn’t fun, but it was bearable. However, after I was married, I began to DESPISE doing laundry! All of our clothes would be thrown in one, big, heaping pile or in the lone, much too small, laundry basket that would occasionally grace the laundry room floor. It was such a hassle and sooo time consuming to sort all the laundry before throwing it in the washing machine. I had to do something before I lost my mind!

Lo and behold the laundry sorter! This magnificent invention, bought from Lowes (I think), turned this unbearable chore into something much less despising, and, actually, quite simple.

Now, I could just grab clothes from one of the compartments and throw them all in the washer, without even sorting!…………..Except I couldn’t. Occasionally, my husband (and probably me, too J), would forget what clothes went in which compartment and something would end up in the wrong place. Fortunately, though, nothing colorful was ever bleached.

The wall above the sorter needed a little pizzazz anyway, so I came up with a solution that was both practical and decorative:

I used stencils and wooden boards, found in the craft section at Wal-Mart, two different widths of painters tape, and my leftover laundry room paint (I had recently updated the look of the room—previously it was ALL white) to create labels for the laundry sorter. The stenciled letters were painted using spouncer sponge brushes.  To prevent the paint from seeping underneath the stencil, I dipped the sponge in paint, then dabbed it on a paper plate until the sponge barely had any paint on it.

No more laundry mix-ups. Now, I really can just grab and wash!

(Notice the brass door knob? Well, the brass is no more! Check out that DIY project here.)

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