Newspaper decorations…sort of :)

After 2+ years with no decorations on our bedroom walls, I FINALLY had a vision.

I was worried, though, that once all the decorations were hung, I wouldn’t like the placement, would end up changing it, and have several unnecessary nail holes in the wall.

So, I began brainstorming what I could do…I remembered coming across a magazine or newspaper years ago that suggested using parchment paper. Simply cut it to the size of the pictures you’re hanging and tape it to the wall. No unnecessary nail holes!

I didn’t have parchment paper, but I did have newspaper.

For the project pictured below, I was trying to decide if a vase filled with ‘sprigs’ sitting on a shelf, off-centered from the canvases would look like the vision I had in my head. I taped newspaper to the wall to lay it all out (which prevented those unnecessary nail holes!). It was just the look I was going for! Well, you know, not exactly – I still had to replace the newspaper with actual decorations.

In upcoming blogs, I’ll show you the finished product and explain how I made the vases and canvases! ::UPDATE:: Here’s the post giving you step by step instructions for the canvases. ::UPDATE 2:: Here’s the post giving you instructions for the vases.

I used newspaper for the placement of the canvases, too. The picture was just taken midway through the project.
(The pic was taken with my phone, so it’s pretty poor quality. It gives you the idea, though.)

2 thoughts on “Newspaper decorations…sort of :)

  1. I have to admit this cracked me up when I first saw the newspaper (especially the flowers in the vase lol), but it really is such a great idea! I’m moving soon so this will definitely be helpful when setting everything up! Thank you for sharing!

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