Personalized Wedding Gift

Good friends of ours were getting married, and we wanted to give them something special. Pinterest to the rescue! These two projects were my inspiration…

Here’s what I came up with, and luckily, they loved it!

It took a while to get it looking like this, though. Here’s what I started out with:

I already had the frame. It was something I found at a thrift store a while back. I wanted it to have a glossy finish, so I spray painted it with Rust-Oleum Gloss Protective Enamel in Leather Brown. I also used this color for the wooden letter I bought from Michaels. Before spray painting the letter, though, I traced it out on the scrapbook paper from Michaels.

While the paint was drying, I covered the cardboard backing of the frame with fabric. (Note: The frame actually didn’t have any backing, so I had to cut it out of a cardboard box.) I wanted burlap for this, but couldn’t find any at Wal-Mart when I was there. Instead, I opted for a neutral-toned, thick, almost plasticy, material. I glued this to the cardboard with Mod Podge (spray adhesive would probably work well, too).  Also while waiting for the paint to dry, I cut out the letter (about 1/8” or so inside the trace line) on the scrapbook paper.

After the spray paint was dry (WAIT for it to DRY. Don’t rush it like I always try to do. You’ll end up getting paint where you don’t want it), I used Mod Podge to adhere the scrapbook paper to the wooden letter. Also, after the paint was dry, I stapled the fabric-covered cardboard to the back of the frame.

After tying ribbon around the wooden letter, I laid everything out on the frame to see how I wanted it placed and then used a glue gun to affix everything (except the EST. 2012 which were adhesive scrapbook letters) to the frame.

The dark brown circles on the frame are buttons and the others are small mirrors, both of which I use for scrapbooking. The flowers in the corner are also scrapbooking materials.

I was so pleased with how it turned out. I’m so thankful our newlywed friends liked it too.

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