Helpful Painting Tips

I really enjoy painting, especially cutting in! I guess you could say it’s therapeutic for me…odd, I know :). Anyway, here are some tips I’ve learned from painting with my gma throughout the years that will hopefully help you enjoy painting, too.

Pictures below!

  1. Buy a GOOD QUALITY trim brush. The most resent one I bought was a Purdy (cute name, huh?). I don’t even tape off trim anymore, I just freehand it. Having a quality trim brush is what makes cutting in enjoyable!      Continue reading »

Office Redo – Part I

Well, I’ve started another project…

…painting my office. This color is dark! I’ve only done the trimming and can tell this is going to take several coats of paint. Luckily, only one wall is getting this ‘Sensual Jade’ color. Weird name, huh?

I’m really excited about this project :). I’ll keep you updated!