Family Tree

For 3 ½ years now, the large accent wall in our living room has been scantily decorated with our wedding picture. The wall needed something else (I’ve known that for 3 ½ years), but, until recently, I just wasn’t sure what.

I decided to put wedding photos of our parents and grandparents below ours. We couldn’t find wedding pictures for some of them, so we used what we could find. I was so pleased with the result – I love the history. It makes me smile :).

Here’s the before:


(I actually forgot to take a before picture, so I went digging through my computer for an old photo.)

In the pictures below, the light-colored picture frames were once ugly frames I found at a rummage sale. I spruced them up with spray paint. The darker frames were cheap-os from Wal-Mart. The flowers came from Michaels (not so cheap), and the shelf came from Lowe’s (also not so cheap).

Here’s the after:

After (without flash)


After (with flash)


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