Old Window Turned New Frame

While on the hunt at rummage sales for old frames, I stumbled across this dusty old window. I knew this $6 find had potential.

I cleaned it up and decided to use it as a picture frame (I just know I’ve seen this done before, but can’t remember where). I ordered my prints, totaling about $16, using Wal-Mart’s online photo printing site. I found scrapbook paper at Michaels to use as a mat for the pictures—about $2 total. Unfortunately, the scrapbook paper was 12”x12” and the frames of the window were 9”x13”, so I had to do a little piecing together of the scrapbook paper. It worked out fine, though.

I wanted to be able to easily change pictures when I was sick of these, so I ‘glued’ the pictures to the mats by using ‘scrapbooking tape.’ I don’t know the technical name for this tape…Its little dots of adhesive that you roll on, and it doesn’t ruin your pictures or paper when you are ready to ‘unglue’ them.

To keep the matted pictures in the frames, I originally used thumbtacks (see picture below). However, those didn’t work well enough, so I bought pushpins and used those as well (they’re not in the picture). The pushpins were taller and better able to hold the mats in place. These tacks/pushpins are also easy to remove and put back in when I’m ready to change the pictures.

Here’s the finished project. Total cost only about $25, pictures and all!

Happy framing!

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